Monday, June 7, 2010

Thanksgiving Olives

Today I was discussing with my good friend, Wyndee, a specific situation in my life for which I have ZERO patience. Wyndee, who is wiser than her years, is constantly after me regarding this experience, and telling me to, "Relax," "Chill," "It will work out the way it should," etc. During today's conversation I told Wyndee,

"Okay, I'm beginning to understand. Here's the scenario: It's Thanksgiving and I'm six years old. I see a HUGE bowl of olives on the table, and I really want to eat them. I keep trying to sneak them, but it's not time to eat- so I have to wait. I will EVENTUALLY get to eat olives, but I can't have them YET."

I continued with Wyndee, and asking for her assistance in this as I try to patiently wait for "Suuppertime!" So, I asked Wyndee,

"Will you please be that Grandma that stands next to the table ready to slap any little six year old hand that gets near that bowl of olives before it's time?"

She laughed, but as a good friend does, she agrees to help me.

After speaking with Wyndee I curled up on my bed with the Ensign, and guess what I found... Yep, an article that applies EXACTLY to my "A-ha (or Oreida- Love you Kristn B.) Moment of the Day." "Don't Be in a Hurry" by John C. Thomas reminds us to slow down, focus on the Savior, and "Let It Be" (thanks, Lennon/McCartney).

So, I've decided to allow a few things to slow down. Namely, when people ask me, "How are your kids doing with the divorce?" I will: 1)Try not to be frustrated by the question, which I HATE because honestly- how do you think they're doing??? 2)Try not to be in a hurry to "cure" my children of the pain of a divorce because as John C. Thomas teaches, "God actually prolonged the days of our first fallen parents, granting them time to repent and find joy in this life and beyond." I have to allow myself time to repent and find joy, which will come as my kids find a way to forgive me and find joy for themselves. I can't hurry this. I will do as President Spencer W. Kimball teaches, "We will move faster as we hurry less."

I will slow down and allow the Savior to work His "magic" in my life at His pace. I will remember that even He had to be patient. I'm sure there were many times in the Garden of Gethsemane and at Calvary that He wanted to yell, "Alright Already! When is this going to end?" But, no... Instead He humbly stated, "Not my will, but thine, be done." Luke 22:42

I will slow down and remember that, "All things shall work together for your good." Doctrine and Covenants 105:40

I will slow down and recognize that I don't have to, nor should I, attempt to do this alone. Instead, I'll first lean upon my Heavenly Father, but I will also recognize my angels (Wyndee, my parents, Naomi, Jennifer, and MANY others) who share in my burden, and slap my hands away from the olives before it's time to eat.


  1. Dearest Lyndee-Thank you for your posts, thank you for letting others read your insights. Thank you for being my grandma who GENTLY moved my hand away from the olives I so desperately want right now.

  2. Thanks for your kind words, once again, Shauna! I don't know that my insights mean anything to anyone else, but they help me...Love you!

  3. PS-"gently moved" is a better word than "slapped" thanks!

  4. Lyndee- Your blog always teaches me things I need to learn, just like when you were my YW advisor! (Now I have that same calling! Crazy!) I love you!

  5. You lied to me! My question was stupid!

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